Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Ok, its tradition la,

I just have to blog about it.. =) (in my pitiful neglected bloggie)

Another year has passed..

Today is the 9th September 2009
Happy 09.09.09
On this auspicious day, I want to wish all my friends good luck and all the best in life!! =)
Cheers!! =)

Friday, May 1, 2009


Hehe..This is Halibel, Tercera Espada after her Resurrection (releasing her sword Tiburon)..

She is my favourite character in Bleach so far..

She is the villain though..

Happen to have found this picture of her drawn by fan on the Internet.. it is now my desktop wallpaper.. 
This is her previous look before transforming.. Go!!!
Halibel I support you.. exterminate all those that stand in your way
yeah.. thats right, I was bored.. and so this posting.. 

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour in KL

Hi there, so what do you all think? It seems only the 2 most famous landmarks switch off the lights.

I was in KL that time (Bukit Bintang area) but can't seem to notice any difference HaHaHa..

Well, Lets all hope that this event will help to create some awareness on environmental issues lol


Friday, March 27, 2009

Hi!!! I am back!!!...

Harlo... ''sei lo''... really long never update this poor bloggie of mine hahaha..Too lazy.

Anyway, here is a quick post of what happenin the past 2 months since my last post hehehe


Chinese New Year

Income for this year is very very bad. Recession time perhaps?
I only remember sleeping every day. Yeah, did not even take one step out from the house. The weather was so hot then. Red packets were collected on my behalf hehehe..

Celebrated my cousin birthday on the 30th as well. Her 13th? Hahaha..

Return to KL on that day itself. Celebrated Leo’s birthday at a Korean Restaurant in PJ. Hmm, Korean food.. only filling if you eat a lot of the complimentary side dishes LOL

Went to S. Fish place to finish up the remaining Chivas from since-dunno-when time that he happen to have found lying idle at his home. Clubbing after that to complete the night. Since most people are still in their hometown, club was rather empty lol

Penang Trip

Went to Penang on the 31st. It was my maiden trip there (by driving there myself I mean) =P Hehe
Catch up with the La’Roy people, had seafood for dinner at a restaurant near the Jetty. It was for CNY gathering. Hehe

Went clubbing there at MOIS at night. And also.. MM =p
Was having lots and lots of fun that night =) Got so tipsy... yeah...
Came back to KL the next morning, just to avoid last minute jam XD

Hmm, what comes next? Yeah, back to work. =/

Patiently waiting for the Big Day to come!!! XD


And sooooooooooo, on the 13th February!!! Its my big big big day haha
Hmm, how many cakes did I receive this year 2009? O_O
I am going to brag about it now!! =D

First Cake...
Celebrated earlier with family... =p
Went back to Seremban for Chap Goh Meh also.. =p

Second Cake
Colleagues HaHaHa

Third Cake(s)
Haha, First time getting a combination of many cakes into one XD nice nice...

And lastly..
And how can it be complete if I don’t celebrate it in the place I LOVEEEEEEE the most!!! =)

My fourth Cake..

In the club.. =p

Thank you very very muchhhhhhhhh everyone!! (a bit late I know) HaHa
And also much much extra extra thank you needed for those that attended that night as it was 14th leh..
You all know laa, my birthday is always bigger (even if it was belated) HaHa

I am 24 now (Still young I know =p)

And also not to forget all the wishes and presents =). Really appreciate it all!! =)

And also not to forget my earlier maiden trip to the East coast this time. Drove to Kuantan for sight seeing HeHe =p

Sometime in late February again celebrated La’ Roy member (Siao Fang) birthday. Have it in some Japanese restaurant in Old Klang Road.


Nice name for a restaurant. Nice atmosphere. Good food. Good Sashimi. Good Bento. Good Soba. Good Sake. Wonderful group of people to dine with.. (yeah right). =D
A good place for dinner I supposed.
But it is a bit expensive though HeHe


On the 2nd of March, went up to Awana Genting Highlands for company’s team building activity. Yeah, have a lot of fun there from the outdoor activities HaHa.
Got a free 4Gb pendrive prize too lol

The buffet dinner in the evening was really good. Too bad I did not eat much HaHa. Had been stuffing up my stomach with free meals that whole day XD

6th of March is my parent’s anniversary. What is special about 2009 is that they are celebrating their 25th year this time! =p

And also a close friend of my dad from Seremban is celebrating his birthday as well... and he happen to be in KL this time HaHa..

Dinner together at Lakeview’s Kampungku restaurant.. =p

And they happen to open the 25 year old Hennessy VSOP Cognac saved during their wedding night. =O

Dad’s birthday is at 13th March. Just have a simple dinner outside.

Yeah, that pretty much sums up what happen during my absence from this bloggie. =D

Lazy people like me always post everything together into one Muahahahahaha..

And yeah, today is when we will be celebrating Earth Hour HeHe

Lights will be turn off in many landmarks around KL. Am going to see it HaHaHa

Till then everyone.. =p

Bye Bye...


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year


Another post on New Year Hehe..

Am preparing to go back hometown now.. in Seremban. Won't be having internet connection there =P

And so, just want to wish everyone a

Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!!!


Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Lets welcome the year of the Ox... =p

byebye tikus... =*(



Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year! =P

Hi there, everybody, first of all, want to wish everyone a very

Happy New Year 2009!!! =P

Yeah, this is a very late post hahaha.. Couldn't find the time or rather too lazy to blog nowdays. =) I know the Christmas post was a really short one. *sorry... @_@

The last actual post was like (err) 2 months ago? Hahaha. Celebreted a few more Birthdays during this period. Erm, Benny, Small Fish, Carter, Gillian.... Hehe. Congrats Congrats!! All of you am a year older now =P. And of course did it all in club =P

Besides that, went to Singapore on the 15th till 18th December. Company sponsored Hehe. Was there for some staff training programme. Manage to walk around at night and took some nice pictures =)

Wasn't working for the past 2 weeks (20th Dec to 4th Jan). Was enjoying my annual leave. Have to finish it or else it can't be carried forward.

Anyway I did nothin much though, during the break, just waiting to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Was staying in KL from 24th till 27th. A friend of mine Mr. Leo got a place in KLP Hehe. Was having our own party there. Christmas eve was fun. Drank a lot that night. Ended up I was the only one vomited like !!!!!!!!! until my face turn green woh (at least thats what I was told)
= ='' Hehe..

And I happen to miss clubbing that night... cause went down already.. Tsk Tsk..

It is fun to do this once a year. I still remember the Christmas in 2007. We did the same thing. Well, the group was smaller that time and we have no [-OH] Hahaha.

Time flies really fast leh... =) Really really fast... Hehe.. Lets do it again people =) Looking forward to it! Haha

And ya, 1 year Anniversary LOL
HoHo.. ;-)

This Christmas, I found a new love behind KLP. The fried kuey teow there really very nice man.. Hehe. Got addicted after the first time. Was having the same thing for every supper after that. HeHe. Will go back there one of these days... nyum nyum.. =P


The remaining few days until new year was kinda quiet Hehe.. Maybe because most people still need to work. Only I am staying at home doing nothing. Manage to message Mr. Cheah the kiddo to come back sooner to countdown together. And yeah, he did!! Haha

And so, on the evening of 31st December 2008, I received an sms from him. Haha. Man, I really like the way he wrote it XD


TO ALL of LaRoy Party *censored* : At last the greatest event of year 2008 have arrived.. We had been through alot this year and we still stand strong as one.. It's time to party one last time for 2008.. We shall go POPPY tonight.. Meet there and make sure you have $$$$ on hand.. As for you *censored*, you can run both places (*consored* and poppy)..... bla bla bla...

Hahahahaha, was laughing when I saw the message XD

Yeah.. this fellow really brings up the party mood leh hahahaha... And so as planned, countdown was done in...... * slight change of plan* =P but still in club la Hehehe..
Had fun that night... =p Got quite tipsy but still manage to control myself HAHaHa...

And so... for now.. celebrations are over, everything is back to normal mode.. have to go to work tomorrow =/ LOL

Haha, but still, Happy New Year People =)

Have a wonderful year ahead! =P


Friday, December 26, 2008



I am still alive okieee.. =P



ding dong ding dong bell~~~~~

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Birthdays Post =P

Damn.. so long no update.. too lazy perhaps HaHa

Anyway, just a recap of what happened the past few weeks. On the 18th October, went to Genting Highlands. Not to gamble but to go play in the theme park. I think it has been very long since the last time I went there. More than 10 years perhaps? I cannot even recall.. =p Anyway, could not recognized the place anymore. Was practically lost up there. =p

Had a good time at the park. Played many games. Was there from 1.30pm till night. Went there by bus from 1U and was scheduled to return at 8.30pm but DAMN, missed the bus in the evening. XD
Not my fault really.. hehe.. blame it on others.. =p

The initial plan was to spent the night there, but hotel rate is too expensive and so instead, got a cab back to KL. Cheaper I guess..


A few dedications coming up....

First of all.. erm 11 October is my uni friend Mr. Ho

Happy Birthday Mr. Ho XD

Yeah.. and I still remember I first got drunk in my life at your party back in 2006 Wahahaha.. Bad influence XD
HoHoHo.. =P


On the 20th October...

Happy Birthday to Ah Chan!

Ah Chan (name really sounds like Ah Chan - whatever that means =p) is my fellow college mate back in Sunway class of 2003/2004 when we both did our A-Levels. After that, we were both in Monash but was in different course. Mr Ah Chan is now an engineer just got himself a job 2 months back. His salary is higher than mine, which is why he still owe me either lunch or dinner or both. I owe him nothing =P

To Ah Chan, I wish you all the best in everything you do la ^^V.... And again faster get a GF la, memalukan saja..

And yeah.... MY LIFE IS WONDERFUL in case you are wondering HaHa


22nd October

Happy Birthday to Miss Poh Poh!

Miss Poh Poh is my high school friend who is currently in the US doing her major in Biochemistry. Well, we used to be closed before she left to mingle with all the angmoh there.. HeHe... anyway, this girl is always busy until she got no time to layan me in msn. Called me 'random' when I chatted her up = ='' How sad... HeHe.. And so I happen to missed her birthday wahahahaha..

I just wish you here okie? =p I am sure you won't mind right HaHa.
Update me sometimes and make sure you find us when you are back. We know you will HeHe..


On the 23rd October, met up with another old friend of mine.

And so....

Happy 23rd Birthday to Miss Trot! =P

Nyehehehehe.. I have known you for a very long time. Since kindergarten I supposed. How many years?

18 years?!! =p
Although there was a big gap in between and also we only got ''close'' in upper secondary. HaHa

Hmm, what can I say? You have been a very good friend to me as I had to you =P.

In fact I think I am WAYYYYY BETTER! Muahahaha. Anyway, you are now starting your internship which also means you are completing your studies very soon (Here we have another engineer). Well, I wish you all the best in your future undertakings. Soon you will be working your a** off doing the same thing for the next 30 years or so - [Engineer's work].. LOL

And I hope you enjoy it HaHa

I am 'enjoying' mine now.. =D

As for you.. faster get yourself attached la.. don't so drama and picky.. HeHe


On the 24th Oct, went to BU Club again. This time is to celebrate another friend's big day.

Happy Birthday to Chris! =p

At last you are no longer the same age as me. I am younger now HeHe.. I do hope you like the cake I bought. LOL

Have a wonderful year ahead. =)

Due to the craziness there at BU. It was agreed upon the members of the club that no pictures will be posted to the public. This is to protect the 'good' and 'beautiful' image of those involved. HeHe


So many people celebrating their birthdays in October. Just last weekend went clubbing again. Erm, also there is a birthday party going on there. Not really close to that person, but thanks for the alcohol man.. Wahahaha.. =p

Yeah Yeah.. XD Asked for some opinions why so many birthday at this time of the year. They say cause.... February Valentines ma.... so people also become extra romantic luu.... HeHe...
*Ahem Ahem..


And also, got an unexpected call that night in club. HaHa. But I was already half deaf that time so cant hear at all =p. But manage to chat online later the next day. =)

Good luck to this friend. Hope you have a good time there. =) I will see you when I see you.. =) HeHe


And also congratulations to the new couple =). LOL At last the two of you got together. I am happy for the both of you =) Really! HoHo..


So basically that is all about it for the past 2-3 weeks. Nothing much to blog about work as it was plain boring.=[ In fact, this week will be the same as well.

But coming this weekend..there will be....


See I told you.. LOL

And so.. looking forward to it.. =)

HaHa. Am actually writing this post from office. And so, I think I will stop here and get back to work now = =''. Might update the post with some pictures later.. if I am hardworking HaHa..

Till then..

Signing off.. =)


Sunday, October 12, 2008

BioMalaysia 2008

Another week has passed by..

Was quite a busy week. Company was involved in BioMalaysia 2008 Exhibition and so was at KLCC from Monday to Thursday.

Overall the event was quite successful. A lot of visitors came to our booth. Some were just curious passer-by while some wish to know more 'dig information' from us. Hehe. Anyway, it was quite an eye-opening event after the WCIT I had in May at the same place. =P

During the WCIT (World Congress on Information Technology), my company display the entire Oil Palm tree. And with that, we won the best booth design competition. This time, the focus was on Jatropha instead of Oil Palm. The only difference between WCIT and BioMalaysia is that the former was more on Information Technology while this time its on Biotechnology. And so, other exhibitors were mostly from research institution, universities as well as other private biotech companies.

As the focus is more on Jatropha, it was decided that life Jatropha plants be displayed. The design of the booth was quite cool. A total of 5 plants were there with 4 of it hanging above. Show you all some pics. =P

Yeah we won the best booth design this time too. =)

One good thing about having exhibition like this is that I do not have to go all the way to Sepang to work HeHe. I get to go to KL which is so much closer and also get to claim for all the expenses like lunch, dinner, etc.. =P

And so I quickly take the opportunity to eat for free... =p But I am also a very good employee. I will try my best to help company save cost and so only manage to eat at the food court =/

See, sooo economical... =P

Second day... some Pattaya Fried Rice with Salad... =/

So that is more or less what I ate for the remaining days except the days where I get to attend the networking cocktail and also the official dinner HaHaHA. =P

Taken using my phone - Blur Blur = ='' Food there wasn't so good though.. =/

So what are my contributions for this time event? During the WCIT, I was new that time and so did nothing much except for preparing exhibits and taking care of booth. However, this time around, I get to do more things HeHe.

Yeah, get to prepare the information posters for the booth. Wahaha. Here are the posters I help to prepare. =P

Yeah... all my hard work =). During break time get to walk around and take beautiful pictures of the park. So nice HeHe. I actually kind off like city life HaHa....


And also, during the event, only small ikan manage to come over to see see LOL. Great. XD
And also manage to lose my spec this time. Great Great Great = =''
Need to get new specs jor... =/

And so, did not work on Friday. Break. HeHe...
During the weekend as usual, did went clubbing but only on Friday night this time. Become a good boy already. =) That night met up with some friends there.. ordered quite a lot of beer, drink till so high.. HeHe.. but still okay... never get drunk. =)

On Saturday went for dinner with my former uni mates. The Princess had a business training in KL and so manage to meet up with her and Mr. S. HaHa. Had dinner at Mr. S restaurant. So nice the food. Thanks Mr. S =) My treat next time. LOL

Ordered by Mr. S

Vegetables - Lotus root?


Fish. This is tasty.

And lastly Prawn.

I ate 3 bowls of rice that night. Great. Too hungry already. =)

After dinner thought of going clubbing again. But no 'Kaki' that time so only manage to drink some beer and see people play MahJiang at friend's place HeHe. Went back home that night.

Sunday did nothing at all. Slept whole day. LOL

And thats about it for my entire week. Heard that another exhibition will be coming up at the same place soon. Aih, need to work hard again HaHaHa.

Ok la, thats it for now....

Bye Bye.. =)


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Time

Hi there..

Its Monday morning now.. should be going to bed soon, but need to finish off some stuff first..

Last week was fun as I only needed to work three days. Two days was Raya day and so it is holiday. So what else would I do? Of course go club again laaaa... Hehe..

Went to watch movie on Tuesday night. Watch the 'Painted Skin', a Chinese movie based on a novel. Kind of a love story. I think it is ok, quite entertaining for me la.. Haha.. Spent the night at friend's house that day.

Actually only went clubbing on Wednesday night. Stay there until 2 o'clock am. Got a sms from a friend. Haih, something happen and so decided to leave early. Need to accompany this friend to drink.. yeah.. drinking session.. sad drinking session.. =/ Anyway, luckily nothing major happen. Everything is fine now.. =) Spent that night at friend's house again.

The next day Thursday did nothing much..cause need to work on Friday. Only watch people play MahJiang. Boring. ><'' After supper went back home.

Friday at work was really boring, nothing much to do. Should not have come in the first place = ='' Friday night again go to clubbing. This time the group decided to open bottle 'Black Label'. Not many people at club that night. Still ok but not really fun. Haha. Decided to leave earlier and go back home. Got a sms from another friend that night. Omg, another crisis.


So invited the friend over to drink again. Again, drinking session at the same house. Mix and Drink. Mix and Drink. Better than in club, here we have endless supply of ~!@#$%!! Got quite drunk that night. Played stupid game. Damn stupid. Really stupid game. You Bunch OF Crazy People. =D Spent the night at friend's house again.. =P

Erm.. to my emo friend earlier. Tell you something.. =) Don't always so emo laaaaa ok =). I see people emo later I also emo. Haha. Anyway, life is full of surprises. Just be patience ok? Always see the bright side. =) Find me if you need d******* partner.. wakakakaka (joking joking)
Yam Cha also can laaaa.. =P
I think it is time we do some catching up Hehe..
Cheers! =)


Saturday. Did nothing much. Lepak whole day. Watch people play MahJiang again. Night time, pick up a friend from Pudu station and invited many people to come over to the same house again. Again we all have drinking session. SHIT!! Haha. Again we played the Damn Really Stupid Game. Nothing to say liao. It seems that the game is very 'Disambut Hangat'.


Now we also have a name for the house already.

BU Club

cause located in B***** U****. =) The official name for the organizing committee is

Q****'* W****.

Ok. Enough said. =P Memalukan. Got drunk again. These days I found out that I really like to drink. Sei lo. = =''
So got drunk again but better than the night before. Spent the night at the same place.

Sunday. Also did nothing much. I am not active in daytime. So don't want to move much. =P Ate late lunch at McD. Ate late dinner somehwhere.

Now back to home already. Missing those times. The last few days was fun. It is so nice to hang out with right people and having good times together. Hehe.

But now, it is back to normal mode. Need to work hard this week. Wait till it is weekends again. Hahahaha..

Ok la, need to sleep now. Tired. =)

Good Night people......